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Army regimental Centre bharti Schedule 2017

All India Indian Army Regiment Center Recruitment bharti Notification
Indian Army Regiment Center SUB CYCLE APR 2017 TO SEP 2017 Latest updated 

Some of the regimental centers detail are updated but some dates are not updated by Indian army
Date wise rally schedule given below :-

1. 39 Gorkha Training Centre

Dates : 21 April 2017
Sol, GD, Soldier CLK/SKT and Sol Tdn

2. The Sikh Regimental Centre, Ramgarh Cantt
Dates : 02 May 2017 to 03 May 2017
Category : GD, Soldier CLK/SKT and Sol Tdn (All Sikh except Mazbi, Ramdasai, SC and ST from any state of India)

3. Kumaon Regimental Centre Ranikhet.
Dates : 11 May to 13 May 2017
Category : Sol GD (Relationship) and Sol GD Sportdman open and Sol Tdn

4. The Bihar Regimental Centre, Danapur Cantt.
Dates : 01 June to 03 June 2017
Category : Sol GD, Sol Clk/Skt, Tdn including Tdn (Musician Cat.) (Class Composition of Bihar Regt.

5. Madras Regt Centre
Dates : 05 Jun 2017 Onwards
Category : South India class for GD and Tdn from AIAC

6.  11 Gorkha Rifles Regimental Centre bharti 2017
Dates : 06 Jun to 08 Jun 2017

Dates :- Sol GD (ID & ND) Relation Only.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Jat Regimental Centre, Bareilly
 Rally Date 27 Jun-02 Jul 16
Sol GD, Sol Tdn (incl Musician),
Sol GD (Sportsmen), Sol Clk
CEE Date : 28 Aug 16

2 Assam Regtl Centre, Shillong 
Rally Date : 04 Jul 16 onward
Sol GD, Sol Tdn
CEE Date : 31 July 2016

3 39 GTC, Varanasi 
Rally Date : 23 Sep 16 onwards

4 Armd Corps Centre & School, Ahmednagar
Rally Date : 04 July 2016
CEE Date : 28 Aug. 2016

5 Bde of the Guards Regtl Centre, Kamptee 
Raly Date : 15 Sep 16 onwards
Sol GD, Sol Tdn
CEE : 30 Oct 16

Regiment Center Date of Rally category CEE
Madras Centre, Wellington

Grenadiers Regtl Centre, Jabalpur 02-05 May 16Sol GD, Sol Tdn, Sol Clk 29 May 16 
Punjab regiment Centre, Ramgarh Cantt  02-05 May 16Sol GD, Sol Tdn, Sol Clk 29 May 16 
Maratha LI Regtl Centre, Belgaum 

Raj Rif Centre, Delhi Cantt

Rajputana regiment Centre, Fatehgarh25 Apr-01 May 16 Sol GD, Sol GD (Sportsman), Sol Tdn, Sol Tdn (Musician) 31 Jul 16 
Sikh regiment Centre, Ramgarh 

Sikh LI Regtl Centre, Fatehgarh 03-06 May 16Sol GD, Sol Tdn 
JAT Regtl Centre, Bareilly

Dogra Regtl Centre, Faizabad 

Garhwal Rif Regtl Centre, Lansdowne

Kumaon Regtl Centre, Ranikhet 01 - 03 Apr 2016 Sol GD, Sol GD (Sportsmen), Sol Clk, Sol Tdn, Musician 29 May 2016 
Assam Regtl Centre, Shillong 

Bihar Regtl Centre, Danapur16 May 16Sol GD, Sol GD (Sportsmen), Sol Tdn, Sol Clk 31 Jul 16 
Mahar Regtl Centre, Sagaur 

JAK Rif Centre, Jabalpur04 Apr 2016 onwardsSol GD, Sol Tdn, Sol Clk29 May 2016
JAK LI Centre, Srinagar

14 GTC, Sabatu 

39 GTC, Varanasi

58 GTC, Shillong 16 Jun 16 onwardsSol GD & Sports (ING) Sol GD & Sports (NNG) Sol Tdn (AIAC) Sol Tdn (Musician) (Open Cat) (AIAC) 
11GRRC, Lucknow

Ladakh Scouts Regtl Centre, Leh 

Armd Corps Centre & School, Ahmednagar04 Jul 16
28 Aug 16 
Bde of the Guards Regtl Centre, Kamptee

Mech Inf Regtl Centre, Ahmednagar

Arty Centre, Nasik Road Camp 

Arty Centre, Hyderabad 

AAD Centre, Gopalpur22 – 30 Apr 2016Sol GD, Sportsmen, Sol Clk, Sol Tdn All Cat 31 Jul 16 Except Clk /SKT 28 Aug 2016. 
BEG Centre, Roorkee (Bengal) 

BEG Centre, Kirkee (Bombay) 

MEG Centre, Bangalore18 Apr 2016Sol GD, Sol Tech, Sol Tdn, Sportsmen, Sol Clk / SKT 
1 EME Centre, Secunderabad

1 EME Centre, Secunderabad

3 EME Centre, Bhopal 

HQ 1 STC, Jabalpur

HQ 2 STC, Panaji 

ASC Centre (North), Bangalore 

ASC Centre (South), Bangalore

AMC Centre, Lucknow

AOC Centre, Secunderabad 

RVC Centre & School, Babugarh 

CMP Centre, Bangalore 

Pioneer Corps Centre, Bangalore 

AEC Centre, Pachmarhi 

Army Postal Service Centre, Kamptee

Date 08-12 December 2015

Para Regtl Center, Bangalore, Punjab Regtl Center, Ramgarh Cantt, Madras Regtl Center, Wellington
, Grenadiers Regtl Centre, Jabalpur
Maratha LI Regtl Centre, Belgaum, Raj Rif Centre, Delhi Cantt, Rajput Regtl Centre, Fatehgarh

Category to be screened :- Soilder GD, SOL Tdn, and Clerk
CEE Date :- 25 Jan 2016 and 22 Feb 2016

17-18 Nov 2015 :- 
Sikh Regiment Centre, Ramgarh (Sol GD, Sol Tdn (Steward & Musician) & Sol Clk/SKT
CEE Date : 31 Jan 2016

18-21 Nov 2015 :-
Sikh LI Regtl Center, Fatehgarh, JAT Regtl Centre, Bareilly (Sol GD & Sol TDN (Chef) )

CEE Date : 31 Jan 2016

18-22 Nov 15 :-
Dogra Regtl Center, Faizabad (Sol GD, Sol Tdn & Sol Clk/SD)
CEE Date 31 Jan 2016

01-05 Dec 15 :-
Garhwal Rif Regtl Center, Lansdowne (Sol GD & Sol TDN (Musn))
CEE Dates : 31 Jan 2016 and 28 Feb 2016

27 Nov-03 Dec 2015 :-
Arty Center, Hyderabad Sol GD, Sol Tech (Svyr), Sol SHGD, Sol GD Sportsmen &
BSC Candidates, Sol Tdn incl Musician & Sol Clk/SKT

CEE Dates :- 31 Jan 2016

16-21 Nov 2015
BEG Centre, Roorkee (Bengal), BEG Centre, Kirkee (Bombay), MEG Centre, Bangalore

 Sol GD, Sol Tech, Sol Tdn & Sol Clk/SKT/IM
CEE dates :- Not yet confirmed.

02-29 Nov 2015 :-
1 EME Centre, Secunderabad (Sol Tech, Sol GD, Sol Tdn (10th Std) & Sol Tdn (Musn)
CEE Dates :- 29 Nov 2015

02-29 Nov 2015 :-
3 EME Centre, Bhopa, HQ 1 STC, Jabalpur

23 Nov 15 onwards :-HQ 2 STC, Panaji , ASC Centre (North), Bangalore

28 Dec 2015 onwards
ASC Centre (South), Bangalore, AMC Centre, Lucknow
, AOC Centre, Secunderabad, RVC Centre & School, Babugarh

CMP Centre, Bangalore
, Pioneer Corps Centre, Bangalore, AEC Centre, Pachmarhi
, Army Postal Service Centre, Kamptee

Type of rally bharti :- Sol GD (MT) & Sol GD (SHT),Sol GD (MT) Sportsmen, Sol Tdm (Musician)

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  5. I am from Gujrat. So can I appear for rally in Rajasthan?what is the application procedure please do tell.

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